EE 230 Electronic Circuits & Systems G. Tuttle

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Use these lists to help manage your time as you work your way through EE 201. If you are self-motivated and good at staying on task, you can probably use the "topics" list to manage your work. You may be able finish most of EE 201 well before the end of the semester. If you prefer a more guided approach, use the "day-by-day" list to structure your time. It is not necessary to adhere rigidly to the schedule, but if you track it within ±3 days, you will be succesful in EE 201. The "due date" list is not meant for structuring a schedule. If you wait until just before the due dates to complete your work, you are doomed.

Links to the listed lecture topics, quiz/practice problems, homework, and lab/Spice descriptions are given on those specific pages.

Ordered list of topics

A day-by-day schedule

A suggested work schedule for a typical 16-week semester. Very similar to what I used when teaching EE 230.

Week Day Read / Practice Quiz Homework Lab
1 Mon Course intro
no quiz No HW this week. No lab (Review lab skills from 201.)
Wed Op amps (review from 201) no quiz
Fri Op amps review 1
2 Mon Laplace transforms HW set 1 Lab 1 - Op amp circuits
Wed Laplace transforms
Fri Transfer functions
3 Mon First-order filters HW set 2 Finish Lab 1
Wed First-order filters
Fri Second-order filters
4 Mon Second-order filters HW set 3 Lab 2 - First-order filters
Wed Second-order filters
Fri Second-order filters
5 Mon Fourier series HW set 4 Lab 3 - Second-order filters
Wed Fourier transforms
Fri Stability
6 Mon Linear oscillators No HW this week. Project 1
Wed Linear oscillators
Fri Exam 1
7 Mon Non-ideal op amps HW set 5 Lab 4 - Linear oscillators
Wed Non-ideal op amps
Fri Gain-bandwidth limitations
8 Mon Comparators HW set 6 Lab 5 - Non-ideal op amps
Wed Comparators
Fri Non-linear oscillators
9 Mon Electrons and holes HW set 7 Lab 6 - Comparators & oscillators
Wed Diodes (review from 201)
Fri pn-junctions
10 Mon Zener diodes HW set 8 Project 2
Wed Diode applications
Fri Diode applications
11 Mon BJTs No HW this week. Lab 7 - Diode characteristics
Wed BJTs
Fri Exam 2
12 Mon BJTs HW set 9 Lab 8 - Diodes applications
Wed BJTs
Fri BJTs
13 Mon MOSFETs HW set 10 Lab 9 - BJTs
14 Mon MOSFETS HW set 11 Lab 10 - MOSFETs
15 Mon MOS digital circuits No homework this week. Project 3 or auxillary lab
Wed MOS digital circuits
Fri MOS digital circuits
16 Finals week - Exam 3