EE 436 Physics of Transistors G. Tuttle

BJT practice problems
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An ideal, uniformly doped silicon npn transistor has the following doping and widths.

NPN emitter base collector
doping NDE = 4.0e+17 cm-3 NAB = 2.0e+16 cm-3 NDC = 4.0e+15 cm-3
widths WE = 4 μm WB = 2 μm WC = 3 μm

The BJT area is 300 μm x 300 μm.

Calculate βF and IS for the BJT.

If the BJT is biased in forward active operation, with VBE = 0.65 V, calculate the base, collector, and emitter currents, assuming room temperature operation.

Note: For silicon,